Web Design

  • MyFortiva.com – Website

    MyFortiva.com – Website

    Atlanticus offers Fortiva financial products to consumers with less than perfect credit. These products consist of credit cards, personal loans…

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  • Atlanticus – Website Design

    Atlanticus – Website Design

    Atlanticus is a holding company in the financial sector. The previous site's purpose was primarily for stockholder and legal edification…

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  • Fortiva Online Banner Ads

    Fortiva Online Banner Ads

    Shown here are examples of Fortiva Retail Credit online ads run in digital trade publications as well as on event…

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  • Fortiva Dual Offer Website

    Fortiva Dual Offer Website

    After consumers received the dual offer direct mail piece, they could take their uniquely issued code to a special website…

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  • Fortiva Credit Card Promotion

    Fortiva Credit Card Promotion

    Fortiva's fastest growing product is its credit card. During the past year, a lot of marketing effort has been put…

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  • Atlas Engineering – Website Design

    Atlas Engineering – Website Design

    I was responsible for this website redesign including photography choices, as well as SEO optimized copywriting content on every page.…

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  • KLEENEX® – “Flu Fighter” Online Ads

    KLEENEX® – “Flu Fighter” Online Ads

    These online animated ads were featured in October and November of 2009 on the website of the NBC television show…

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  • Bailey’s General Store – Website Design

    Bailey’s General Store – Website Design

    This local, family owned general store has been a landmark of Sanibel Island since it’s very beginning in 1899 as…

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