Block It – Product Brochure

Kimberly-Clark creates a large variety of non-woven fabrics to be used for everything from hospital gowns to HAZMAT suits. They also create a line of fabrics sold under the brand name Block-It TM, to be used to manufacture custom car covers. I was tasked with the complete overhaul of an outdated and expensive-to-produce brochure and sample book kit. The new piece needed to appeal to the wide demographic that the present-day custom automotive industry consists of. From the youthful Tuner-Car industry to the more urbane Historic Restoration audience, and everything in-between. It also needed to be more economical to produce in large quantities. I used a clean layout with custom paper foil stamping and a grommeted binding while incorporated the fabric swatches directly into the brochure. The result was resounding success that cost less than half of the older piece to produce and is still in use over five years later.

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