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who i am

This is Ronin – my best buddy for 16 years.

This is Ronin – my best buddy for 16 years.

Design is a passion for me. It’s a logical application of the talents and values I’ve been granted and striven to cultivate within myself. Every little thing I see, touch and hear influences my aesthetic – I absorb everything I like and store it for later reference.

I buy stuff I don’t really need because it’s in a “cool package”. I annoy friends at the movies because I pick out the fonts in the credits by name. Curiosity is one of my biggest allies and I am constantly learning.

I’m a voracious reader, yoga, sports car and horse enthusiast and enjoy traveling tremendously. I’m getting more fluent in German and I’ve recently become a Japanophile. I cannot wait to go there!

I’m part adventurer, part problem-solver, part storyteller and I enjoy working through the entire creative processes from concept to completion. I love what I do for a living, and you just can’t beat that with a wooden katana!